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What is your role in the ongoing project as an Engineering Manager?

In the ongoing project, my role as the Engineering Manager involves overseeing and coordinating various aspects of the project’s technical development. I work closely with the project team, including developers, designers, and other stakeholders, to ensure that the project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

My responsibilities include:

Team Management: I lead and manage the engineering team of 42 engineers including tech lead, tech architect and solution architect, ensuring that each member understands their responsibilities and is working cohesively toward project goals. I provide guidance, support, and mentorship to help the team succeed.

Project Planning: I collaborate with other departments to define project goals, scope, and milestones. I work to create a clear project plan that outlines tasks, deadlines, and resource allocation.

Technical Guidance: I provide technical expertise and guidance to the team when they encounter challenges or need assistance. I help make decisions about architecture, technology choices, and implementation strategies.

Communication: I facilitate effective communication within the team and with stakeholders. Regular status updates, meetings, and reports keep everyone informed about the project’s progress and any potential issues.

Problem Solving: I’m involved in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues that may arise during the project. I encourage creative problem-solving and collaborate with the team to find solutions.

Risk Management: I identify potential risks to the project’s success and develop mitigation strategies. This involves anticipating challenges and taking proactive steps to address them.

Quality Assurance: I ensure that the team follows best practices for code quality, testing, and documentation. This contributes to the overall reliability and maintainability of the project.

Performance Evaluation: I conduct performance reviews and provide feedback to team members, helping them identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Adaptation: Projects can change direction due to various factors. I help the team adapt to changes, whether they’re related to requirements, timelines, or priorities.

Stakeholder Management: I liaise with project stakeholders, including upper management and non-technical teams, to keep them informed about progress and to address any concerns.

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